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FOREIGN NATIONALS UNIT NEW ON-LINE SPANISH COURSES FOR FOREIGN NATIONALS FEATURES OF THE ON-LINE COURSE: - The course lasts approximately 6 months from the start date. - There are 600 places available. - There are compulsory level and progress tests. - You'll receive an e-mail accepting you on the course with information and access codes. - You can access the system in any one of the 20 interface languages available. Advantages: - You'll be able to access the system wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. - Access from PC, mobiles and tablets. - The course adapts to each student's own level. You CANNOT work off-line. - There is a tutorial (video-virtual) for getting to know the system (in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Dutch). - You'll be able to personalise your course according to your  interests and your progress. - Technical assistance in Spanish, English and French. REQUIREMENTS FOR ADMISSION: - You must be a foreign national and be registered ("empadronado") with a town council in the province of Alicante. Along with your registration you must submit a copy of your town council registration certificate ("certificado o volante de empadronamiento") issued by your local Town Hall (certificates dated from January 2015 onwards will be accepted). - You must have access to a computer with the technical requirements listed. - You must have headphones or loudspeakers plus a microphone. - Applicants who do not complete all fields of the registration form or who do not have the required documentation ("empadronamiento") will not be accepted. Because of the limited number of places available, the following are compulsory: - You must do a level test during the first week after receiving the access codes. Failure to do the test will result in you being REMOVED from the course without prior warning. *We advise you to check your spam inbox in case our e-mails or e-mails from the company supplying the course become mislaid. To prevent your computer from handling our e-mails as spam, please add the noreply@rosettastone.com e-mail address to your contacts list. - During the first month of the course, students are required to complete at least 10 hours of coursework online. Any students not reaching this minimum will be REMOVED from the course without prior warning. - To get your course certificate you must complete at least 50 hours of coursework over the 6 months course duration. REGISTRATION: http://www.tresdedos.net/clientes/ciudadanos/formcursoonline2016.php?lang=en - To register, please send the registration form and "empadronamiento" certificate by e-mail to: ciudadanosextranjeros@diputacionalicante.es - Registration is free and will be done on a first-come first-served basis as registration forms are received.
FOREIGN NATIONALS UNIT REGISTRATION PERIOD: open until all 600 places have been allocated. CONFIGURATION REQUIRED To use the Advantage system you must have the following: · The ability to download SWF files for storage in the browser cache at execution time. · Flash Video via IP Computer: Minimum 1.5 GHz processor 512 MB RAM 50 MB free space on the hard disk 1024x768 graphics resolution, 16 million colours and above Sound card and loudspeakers. USB connection headphones with microphone or with two jacks. Operating system: Windows Vista SP2, 7, 8 and 10, Mac (Intel) OS X 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10 Tablets and mobiles: tablet/mobile phone CPU speed (minimum) of 500MHz. iOS 6.0 or later — Application Rosetta Stone® Vocabulary for mobile devices. Browser:  Browsers—Internet Explorer 7/8/9/10/11, Edge Browser 12, Safari 5/6/7 and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. Note: Javascript must be activated in the browser. Flash Player Flash – the latest version is advisable (Flash 13 is the minimum version) Note: To install Flash you need to have system administrator rights. Network/Internet connection  Broadband connection–minimum 192 kbps download and upload speed; you can test your bandwidth speed at: http://launch.RosettaStone.com/speedtest/ E-mail address WARNING: your computer will communicate with the domains listed below. Rosetta Stone adds services as Advantage functions are expanded. *.RosettaStone.com *.RosettaStoneenterprise.com *.tellmemore.com *.tellmemorecampus.com *.tellmemorepro.com *.tellmemore.cn *.tellmemorecampus.cn *.rosettastone.cn *.tellmemorepro.cn *.adobe.com *.zoomerang.com
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