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News Letter September 2016

 Asociacion de Vecinos – Sierra de Altea C.I.F. : G53784336 BUZON 155, Sierra de Altea Altea La Vella ALICANTE, 03599 ESPANA Web: www.avsa.tigbos.com Contacto: avsavecinos@gmail.com  SECRETARY – MATT KING - 678657136       13th September 2016 Dear Vecinos, Without a doubt it has been one of the most memorable “Summers” of the last few years. The hot weather, combined with water shortages and destructive Forrest Fires as never seen before in recent times, and a spate of “Vacation Time” burglaries only emphasises the need for us all to be extra vigilant in all areas, and at all times. Summer is an awkward time – many of us leave the area for one reason or another but it is important that if you go, you inform someone locally, who knows you are away and can keep a look out for you. We are very lucky here that in my experience, the majority of neighbour’s are very “accommodating” and hopefully we can all help each other out. We are fortunate to have a good Neighbour Hood Watch program run by Annetta Eberhardt and good neighbour’s too, like Jürgen Langers , who informed us on September 7th between 23:00 and 2:00 in the morning, several forced entries occurred in Avenida Denia. The burglars destroyed the window bars and stole money and mobile phones. Thank you Jürgen. Please remember that if you are renting your property out now and there is a problem of any sort, the Guardia immediately informs the Suma Office to check for unpaid rental taxes – but I’m sure everyone pays the correct taxes? The Fines for non-payment of rental income are extremely high as Local Authorities struggle to pay their debts here. We can report another success for the Summer Party held once again at Don Cayo, lovely ambience, good food and wine, a little dancing and a lottery with a first prize for a meal for 2 at Don Cayo Restaurant. Maybe for next year any member having a business here may like to offer a prize also? Our Web Master Terry Miles has had a nasty accident and broken some bones so if our Web Page is not updated for a while – you know why – It is an excellent page with a lot of good information www.avsa.tigbos.com, and we wish Terry a speedy recovery and quick return to the board. Lastly, our Annual General Meeting for the Association is scheduled for Thursday 17th November 2016 at Don Cayo Golf Club, Sierra Altea. Please put this date in your diary. Not only is it an informative insight into the Association – but it is yet another great way of getting to know other Vecinos. If you have a neighbour who is not a member – please bring them along too – membership is Free and it entitles you to a free entry into the Annual Summer Party. Also we are constantly looking for new members of the Committee – we sit approx. 7 or 8 times a year on a Monday for about 1 hour. The roles are voluntary but it is a way of having a small say in our Area. Have a Happy Autumn, Stay Safe and be Vigilant. Best Regards Matthew King Secretary