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News Letter April 2018

 Asociacion de Vecinos – Sierra de Altea C.I.F. : G53784336 BUZON 155, Sierra de Altea Altea La Vella ALICANTE, 03599 ESPANA Web: www.avsa.tigbos.com  Contacto: avsavecinos@gmail.com   SECRETARY – MATT KING - 678657136 NEWSLETTER APRIL 2018 Dear AVSA Member, What an unbelievably strange and hectic few months we have had here in the Sierras. Not only have we had to contend with the troubles and reforming of the Post Boxes but also the weather has not been too kind either, although much better than in many parts of the World where there has been some altogether strange “goings on” – Hurricanes Cyclones and an Eastern Block style Snow Front to the UK and Central Europe. And while the Brexiters discuss the “ups and downs” on the merits for being in or out of The European Union – I will happily stay in my adopted Country Spain where (mostly) the weather is kind the people ingratiating and the food and wine ….Excellent!!! We have had our boundaries set by Correos now and any person with a Buzon outside of Sierra Altea 1 will have to move their buzons to new areas and locations (yet to be set up by the Ayuntamiento). The better news is that this is not until 1st October as far as Correos is concerned. However we (AVSA) will be ordering new locks for the Buzons and you will be getting a New Number allocated to you in a different position before that date. The idea is that Correos will hold the mail for 1 week whilst the Buzons are changed over and then new keys will be allocated from either me, Richard Kent or possibly at Paco Alcarez the Administrators of the Buzons.  There will be a one off fee for changing the locks and we are yet to finalise this amount but we need to purchase new Labels for the back, the new locks and new numbers for the front. There has been a phenomenal amount of work from members of the Post Office Sub Committee in fighting to keep the Buzons with 100’s of hours of work and meetings. In December we were going to lose them completely, now we in Sierra Altea 1 will have our mail as normal.  We will of course keep you up to date on the progress. The Caterpillar season has started early this year and many animals have been caught out as reported from the Local Vets. You will find an excellent piece written by Terry Miles about them on our website at http://www.avsa.tigbos.com/avsa_en/not_catepillars.htm. NEVER touch them and if any animal you may own comes into contact with them or Children to, Get them IMMEDIATELY to The Vets or Urgencies… but make sure you take the correct one to their respective Doctors. Neighborhood Watch seems to be working better and better especially with the “Whats App” application on Mobile Phones…. Our NHW Person for the area is Annette Eberhardt and her contact details can be found on the AVSA Vecinos Website, and our Whats App Group has been started by Ellis De Jong and you may join that by whats Ap’ing her on 667 236 628. The Rubbish Collection/Situation seems to have subsided a little but PLEASE make sure if you are having any building or gardening work done that you get the correct skips and Permits as necessary and remove waste to these rather than the rubbish containers around the Sierras which tend to be filled rather more quickly than previously with illegal builders waste and House Furniture. If you need furniture or Large Appliances removed then there is free collection service run by the Ayuntamiento and the Number can be found on the web page again at http://www.avsa.tigbos.com. No doubt summer will see a raising of the issue again once we have more visitors. If you are living here at the moment you will have had the inconvenience of the road works at the bottom of Avenida Principal. This is not only providing safe passageway for pedestrians through Altea La Vella but also new road drainage and a Beautiful New Roundabout….. It may not be as beautiful as the Roundabouts in La Nucia but I would imagine the cost will be a quarter than one of theirs. Altea Ayuntamiento: Looking after our “Public Purse”. Lastly The Summer Ball is scheduled for SATURDAY JUNE 30TH 2018. Please put this date in your diaries and the formal Invitations will be coming soon. If you are a member but you also want family members or friends to come then there will be a menu price available also. Last year was an excellent Event ….I think!!! Have a safe Spring-time and REMEMBER……………. “Be Careful Out There”. Best Regards Matthew King Secretary AVSA.