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News Letter April 2017

 Asociacion de Vecinos – Sierra de Altea C.I.F. : G53784336 BUZON 155, Sierra de Altea Altea La Vella ALICANTE, 03599 ESPANA Web: www.avsa.tigbos.com  Contacto: avsavecinos@gmail.com   SECRETARY – MATT KING - 678657136 18 April 2017 SPRING UPDATE Dear Members, Firstly, thank you for your kind words of support to me during my recent TIA or mini stroke. Fortunately, only the memory part of my brain has been affected and I have lost no “motor skills”. However thank you all for your words of encouragement and support - it has been greatly appreciated and I can report that I am well on the road to recovery now. If I forget your name when I see you – please forgive me and take me out of my misery by telling me what it is !! After a few heavy Periods of Rain and some relatively harsh winter weather– I am delighted to report that as The Easter Weekend passes, with its usual traffic jams and holiday visitors, life today appears to have gotten back to “Normal” here in “Our Sierras”, apart from the wonderful display of low cloud during the weekend. Our “lives” over the past few months have been both good and bad but when you live here permanently, there is always more good than bad. As I said in my last newsletter – we have seen more rainfall in the area for 70 years and an almost “wintery” winter season with strong winds and colder temperatures – unusual for hereabouts. However, the majority of the mess created by these natural events was cleared up by the Ayuntamiento within a relatively short space of time and life goes on. I reported last time that a man had been arrested in Las Galleras by the Guardia Civil and it was thought that he was the “Culprit” for many of the burglaries in the area. Whilst it was found that he did have stolen contraband, it was not until the robberies continued that the police realised that there was another group “working” in the area. I can report that just recently 2 men were detained in Altea by the Guardia Civil and are accused of 26 robberies throughout Altea and the surrounding areas (including ours). The Guardia Civil are not always apparently there but they do try hard to keep the crime rate down. We too must play our part and be their eyes and ears and if you see or hear anything unusual in our Neighbourhood – please call them on 112. We also have a “Whats App” Watch Group for instant information in this area and should anyone wish to join please let me have your mobile phone numbers and I will add you to the group. For any other Information about the Vecinos Association, Events or even important telephone numbers in the area please log into our excellent website at www.avsa.tigbos.com. The Summer Party 2017 – After yet another successful party last year we are planning to hold this year’s Summer Ball on Friday 30th June 2017. Once again we invite you to join the Board of Directors and fellow members of the Vecinos Association for another great evening of Food Wine and Dance and Song at Don Cayo Golf Course. Formal Invitations will be sent out next month as per last year and we would ask you to inform any “new neighbour’s” to the area about joining the Vecinos association - as this will entitle them to a completely free Invite to this annual social event. Any guests you may have staying with you at the time of the ball may attend for a small charge of 25€. The board next meets on May 15th at 12.00pm, so if you have something you would like on the Agenda, please let me or one of the Board Members know or indeed come along yourself and discuss it. HAPPY EASTER TO YOU ALL.…………………………………………………..Matthew King Secretary