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Mail Addressing Changes



Correos is modifying the way mail is delivered in Spain.

You should have already received two letters in your buzon. One

from Correos and one from AVSA.

The way your mail is addressed has to be changed as soon as

possible but no later than the 1st March 2018. This means that

anywhere your address is used to send you mail, must be

changed. If you do not change the method your mail is addressed

by 1st March 2018 you will not receive any mail in your buzon and

will have to collect it from Correos in Altea.

We are in consultation with Correos to implement changes to the

layout of the buzones to cater for these address changes. We will

tell you about this when it has been finalised.

First we need to ensure that we have correct information on every

buzon user to confirm with Correos.

Please send an Email as soon as possible to


with your street name and house number as well as your present

buzon number.

Second your mail address must now start with your street name

and house number before your buzon number or other relevant

address information such as Bungalow No or Block No &

Apartment number.

Addressing Examples

Calle Azalea, 3

Calle Azalea, 3

Buzon 301

Block 3, Door C

La Sierra

Buzon 301

Altea la Vella

La Sierra


Altea la Vella




We will keep you informed as things progress on our discussions

with Correos.