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2017 AGM Minutes

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

at Don Cayo Thursday 16th November 2017.

The Meeting took place at the Don Cayo Golf Club at 7.30 pm. attended by the Directors of the

Board of the Asociación:

Wolfgang Fischer (President), Matthew King (Secretary), Antonio Perez Albiñana (Vice President),

Richard Kent (Treasurer), Terry Miles, Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa, Annette Eberhardt, John


Directors:  Emil Apeldoorne, Willem Van Oorde, Sonata Lungmuss were unable to attend the


Members of the Asociación attending the meeting:

Bill Ashburner, Jean Ashburner, Malcom Cousins, Kate Cousins, Ellis De Jong, Willy De Peet, Louisa

De Peet, Suzanne Dinsley, Geoffrey Dinsley, Steven Fricker, Caroline Fricker, Egbert Gieskes, Irene

Gieskes, Jonn Hoen,  Elizabeth Kent, Jessica Lammers, Jurgen Langer, Willem Luikinga, Frans

Manot, Nicky Manot, Marylin Miles, Steve Moores, Justa Lopez Moradiellos, Antonio Moradiellos,

Frank Oprinson, Jolanda Oprinson, Clara Ripoll Sendra, Erwin Schafer, Sieglinde Schafer, Sue

Schimell, Gerrit Jan Smitskamp, James Standen, Jaqui Standen, Anne Vanderbourne, John

Vanderbourne, Hans Van Scherpenzel, Nini Van Scherpenzel, Ronald Vrysen, Edward Wigley, Una


Invited Guests from other local Vecinos:

Jose Maria Izquierdo (Paraiso), Gerd Bath (Sierra Altea 2), Pedro Ferrer (Urlisa 1+2).The meeting

was conducted in English and Spanish.

Item 1) Welcome and introduction by the President

The President, Wolfgang Fischer, welcomed the Association members attending the meeting. He

thanked the Board for their work over the past year. He informed the assembly that there had

been a lot of “political problems” within Altea Ayuntamiento this year with Beatrice the Consejal

and point of contact with the Ayuntamiento had been replaced by Marie Lavios – who we have

already made contact with.

Item 2) Approval of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 17th November 2016 were approved unanimously

and signed by the President Wolfgang Fischer and Secretary Matthew King

Item 3) Treasurers report

Richard Kent gave a detailled breakdown of the Accounts of last year and a question was raised

from the floor as to why “so much money” had been spent on the lighting in the Buzones over the

last 2 years. Richard explained that this was mostly to do with original incorrect diagnosis from a

previous company instructed to repair the light and the added cost of replacing the very expensive

batteries and Inverter. However it was at this present time working. The accounts were accepted

and signed off.

Treasurer’s Report

Summary of Income & Expenditure:   1st Oct 2016 – 30th Sept 2017

Income:                                                   Capital Expenditure:

   Buzon income       5,694.00                 Buzon Lights                     763.78         

   Bank Interest                5.57                           

   Party Receipts          575.00                 Current Expenditure:


                                                                Gestor (Alcaraz)                937.75

                                                                Containers                         360.00

                                                                Buzon & Road Cleaning    435.00

                                                                Buzon Maintenance           530.04

                                                                AGM (food/drink)               445.00

                                                                Summer Party                 3,090.00                                            

                                                                Stationary/supplies               70.00

                                                                Bank returns & Charges     161.66        

                                                                Misc. Expenses                  138.00


Total Income:             6,274.57                Total Expenditure:           6,931.23

Decrease in Cash Resources (expenditure minus income):            - 656.66

Accounts Summary:

Bank balance plus cash in hand as at 30 Sept 2015:                       2,289.23                                                                                                                                                     

     Plus income over expenditure for the year                                   - 656.66

     Book Total                                                                                    1,632.57


     Current Bank Account:                                                                 1,504.42                                                                                                                                                   

     Cash in hand:                                                                                  128.30

     Money Total:                                                                                1,632.72                                                                                                                        

Deposit Bank Account:                                                                    23,000.00

Item 4) Secretary's Report on Membership.

The Secretary Matthew King reported that Asociación membership at the 2016 AGM totalled 280.

It has increased to 293 registered members with 10 members leaving the association and gaining

23 new members. He again reiterated the necessity for clear communication from the members

when changing address or leaving the urbanisation or changing e-mail addresses.

New Association members are welcome and membership is free. The members present were asked

to encourage non-member friends and neighbours who own property in, or live in, the

Urbanisation to enrol in the Association and to advise the Committee of any known changes in

ownership of dwellings.

Item 5) President's Report on activities during the past year

The President used a Power Point presentation to highlight the current and future issues

concerning the Asociación and present the Agenda for the meeting..

A summary of activities in the year were;

1. There have been regular meetings of Vecinos Board (8-10 times a year) and 3-4 times a year

with representatives of Altea community (when possible) to discuss problems of our urbanisation.

This year there has been more consultation with other urbanisations regarding “common


2. The number of Open Instancias has been reduced to 15 (of which 5 were written this month). 

The Instancias are always available to view on the Vecinos website at:


3. The Annual Summer Party was noted again for being a great success as 108 members and

guests enjoyed good food wine and music for the evening. Depending on the outcome of the Post-

box situation (see below -Vecinos Income), we intend to hold another in the same manner in

2018.The Secretary was thanked for his work on this as were the other members of the committee

who were involved.

4. The lack of street cleaning over the last 10 months has been significant and unacceptable. This

has been brought about by the implementation of new “policies” within the Ayuntamiento and the

change in Consejal. A group from the committee met with the new Consejal Marie Lavios and went

through the streets of our Area, approximately 3 weeks ago. Since then the “main streets” have

been cleaned but due to complaints from the floor, it was noted, that minor streets have yet to be

completed. Wolfgang will make an Instancia regarding this point.

5. The Ayuntamiento’s new system of rubbish disposal has been implemented and has created a

huge amount of concern for most permanent residents here in the Sierras. Many bins and sites all

over the area have been removed and replaced with “Bin Positions” with bins for plastic, glass,

paper and general rubbish. This would be fine IF the bins were used solely for this purpose and not

used for builders or gardeners rubbish. It is an “Old Problem” but one that has been increased due

to the “removal” of the said rubbish containers in the area and the increase of cost of Builders

Containers. It was suggested from the floor that the registration numbers of vehicles be noted by

residents or even a photo taken by a phone or camera and passed to the Local Police. Terry Miles

informed the membership that this could be seen as an “infringement of rights” as could the

erection of cameras as suggested from the floor by another member and illegal if placed in the

street. However, it would be possible to have a Camera inside a property near the bins and

directed onto the bins. Terry also pointed out that in order for this to be successful with regard to

equipment and monitoring, he felt, as a professional technician, it would be cost prohibitive. The

Board are continuing to pressure the Ayuntamiento on this – but input from members is of great

value so please let us have details if you see anyone depositing “illegal rubbish”. It is still possible

to ring the Ayuntamiento and have “Large items” like fridges. Furniture etc. removed – the

number to call is 966 881 903. (Association members are subsidised 30 euros once a year for

garden waste disposal by presenting a Container receipt to the Treasurer. One Container per

household, per annum. Please post this receipt with an accompanying letter to The Vecinos Post

Box – situated inside the area of Buzones on the Avenida Principal, at the moment).

6. The Post-Boxes. Post-Boxes in Avenida Principal and by the Tennis Courts in Calle Cana (run

currently by Aperbosa) will soon be defunct as ordered by Correos. Currently, post is delivered to

each mailbox which is sorted by the post person due to the registration number of the post box as

given out by Paco Alcarez or Apobersa. The Correos now wish that all the boxes (some 300 and

150 respectively) be named and numbered via street names otherwise it will not be possible to

deliver the mail to these boxes anymore. The Correos are intending to carry out this directive in

2018. This directive is from Madrid and not at local level but it is clearly a difficult task to

restructure the system of delivery. The Correos whish all mail to be collected from the main Altea

Post Office but will only be kept for 2 weeks and then returned to sender. Operationally for some of

our members this is an impossible situation as they do not live here permanently and collection of

mail every 2 weeks is not possible. A “task force” from the Board has been implemented to find a

solution to this problem and once further information has been gathered we will inform members

of the situation. There is a slight possibility however, that the mail delivery system to the Sierras

will be shut down.

Item 5) Neighbourhood Watch.

1. The e-mail address remains the same: aeberhardtaltea@gmail.com

2. The NHW system is linked to Policia Local, Guardia Civil and other urbanisations locally and

nationally. But NHW are not automatically informed by Policia Local or Guardia Civil about any

break-ins as quite often it is part of an on-going Police enquiry. Members were requested to inform

NHW immediately when they heard of any robberies or burglaries so that the information could be

passed on through “The System”.

3. Our Urbanisation experienced 13 break-ins during the year, 6 less than last year. A good result.

A known criminal was caught and removed in Las Galeras in the early part of last year and is

currently being processed by the Guardia Civil.

4. Most Burglaries are pre-planned by thieves, who “stake out” a property before attempting to

rob it. Please be aware of anything suspicious at all and report it. A member from the floor

suggested that even when informed the officers do not come. Clara Ripoll said that if this is the

attitude you receive on the phone simply ask for the name of the officer and their number and

invariably they will respond immediately. However – keep the record of their name and number.

5. It is important to share information with the Neighborhood Watch, which Annetta hopes you all

do via her e-mail. There is also a new operational group now of Neighbour’s on a What’s App

Application. This group has been working for approximately 8 months now and has been

successful in catching at least one set of thieves that we can confirm. It is administrated by Ellis

De Jong and you can join by messaging her on 667 236 628 and she will put you in the group.  IT

IS NOT A CHAT GROUP. It is simply to notify our neighbour’s of ANY suspicious activity that you

may see. The idea is that everyone is immediately aware of the presence of unusual activity such

as the “Gas men” who although are “legal” will invariably find “work to do” on your gas system.

Sharing information regarding unusual activity will help everyone.

Questions invited from Members produced.

1. Geoffrey Dinsley in Calle Petunia raised a point regarding a particularly bad overhanging tree

with a potential risk to fire. Wolfgang will raise an Instancia for this to get it cut back as fire still

remains a serious problem in our area and members are respectfully requested to keep their

garden trees in a good order.

2. A number of Members were unhappy that the majority of non-household rubbish around the

bins are left by “house renters” and tourists or house holders who do not actually live permanently

in the area. This year with the change in the rubbish collection system and during the worst

summer months the amount of left waste was unacceptable. Wolfgang stated that the

Ayuntamiento had proposed to make “bigger signs” around the Individual areas for rubbish

disposal in several languages. This is ongoing for the next meeting with the new Consejal Marie


Item 8) Appointment of Directors.

Proposals for the new Vecinos’ Board of Directors were proposed and unanimously approved by the

Members present. These are;



Wolfgang Fischer (D)

Vice President

Antonio Perez Albiñana (ES)


Matthew King (GB)


Richard Kent (GB)

NHW coordinator

Annette Eberhardt (D)

Web Coordinator

Terry Miles (GB)


Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa (ES)


Willem Van Oorde (NL)


Emil Apledoorn (NL)


Sonata Lungmuss (D)


John Shimell (GB)

There being no other business the President thanked the members for attending and closed the

meeting 8.45pm.

There followed refreshments and drinks at the restaurant for the members attending.

President. Wolfgang Fischer


Secretary. Matt King


MJK 17/11/2017