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2016 AGM Minutes

ASOCIACIÓN DE VECINOS - SIERRA DE ALTEA C.I.F. G53784336 Buzon 155 Sierra De Altea 03599 Altea La Vella Alicante. Spain www.avsa.tigbos.com               email:avsavecinos@gmail.com   Minutes of Annual General Meeting at Don Cayo Thursday 17th November 2016. The Meeting took place at the Don Cayo Golf Club at 7.30 pm. attended by the Directors of the Board of the Asociación: Wolfgang Fischer (President), Matthew King (Secretary), Richard Kent (Treasurer), Antonio Perez Albiña (Vice President), Terry Miles,  Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa, Willem Van Oorde, Annette Eberhardt. Sonata Lungmuss Directors:  Emil Apeldoorne was unable to attend the meeting. Members of the Asociación attending the meeting:  Suzanne Dinsley, Geoffrey Dinsley, Egbert Gieskes, Irene Gieskes, , Abe De Nes, Edward Visser Meyer, Marylin Miles, Justa Lopez Moradiellos, Antonio Moradiellos, Marium Ruedel, Christiane Weber, Aad Weber, Lisa Andretti, Vincent Andretti, Christa Maria Tuchel, Hans Scherpenzeel, Nini Scherpenzeel,19, John Shimell, Sue Shimell, Adrianus Segers, Netty Segers, Gaye Heaton, Toni Canet, Erik Paulsen(Guest). The meeting was conducted in English and some Spanish. The next AGM will be conducted fully in Spanish and English. Item 1) Welcome and introduction by the President The President, Wolfgang Fischer, welcomed the Association members attending the meeting. He thanked the Board for their work over the past year. He gave a brief outline of the Committees function, liaising with the Ayuntamiento with 5/6 meetings each year and how this input had made a difference to the Open Instancias from 50 to 9. Item 2) Approval of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 27 November 2015 were approved unanimously and signed by the President Wolfgang Fischer and  Secretary Matthew King Item 3) Secretary's Report on Membership. The Secretary Matthew King reported that Asociación membership at the 2015 AGM totalled 280. Membership has remained the same at 280 registered members despite a “turnover of members” throughout the year. He pointed out the necessity in clear communication from the members when changing address or leaving the urbanisation or changing e-mail addresses. New Association members are welcome and membership is free. The members present were asked to encourage non-member friends and neighbours who own property in, or live in, the Urbanisation to enrol in the Association and to advise the Committee of any known changes in ownership of dwellings. Item 4) President's Report on activities during the past year The President used a Power Point presentation to highlight the current and future issues concerning the Asociación. A summary of activities in the year were; 1. Regular meetings (8-10 times a year) of Vecinos Board and 3-4 times a year with representatives of Altea community to discuss problems of our urbanisation. 2. Of 51 Instancias in 2015, 21 are closed as completed in 2015 and 21 were completed in 2016 up to the AGM. There are 9 open Instancias at this present moment. A schedule of Instancias is always available to view on the Vecinos website. 3. House owners are responsible for the broken doors on external meter boxes (Insurance companies will not cover anyone having an accident because a meter box is open or broken). If there are 3 or 4 supplies in one box, then it would be deemed the shared responsibility of the 4 owners. Meter box covers can be purchased at Gascon in Altea and Benidorm at a cost of between 60-80 euros and members were advised to get these fixed as soon as possible as there are many broken in our area. Members were asked to submit photographs, with description, of bad conditions of these boxes, especially on “empty or deserted plots”, for the Association to submit an Instancia. Locks for the boxes too may be purchased from all local Ferreterías- A standard “Iberdrola Lock” may be purchased for around 12 Euros. 4. The Annual Summer Party was noted as being a great success and A party is planned again for next year The Secretary was thanked for his work on this as were the other members of the committee who were involved. 5. The Ayuntamiento are to instigate a new system for general rubbish collection with the Installation of sets of “Conservation style Recycling bins to various locations around the Sierras. This will mean that there will be fewer waste sites….but the waste areas will contain bins for bottles and glass, plastics along with general rubbish. The position of these new areas is not yet known but will be reported to the membership as and when we are informed. The Association subsidised 'Green Waste' initiative will continue in 2017 with a rebate of €30 on production of receipt for a 'Green Waste' container. One Container per household, per annum. Please post this receipt with an accompanying letter to The Vecinos Post Box – situated inside the area of Buzones on the Avenida Principal. 6. Water Shortages due to the continuing drought have been a problem this year and looks like it will continue into 2017. Water is being brought in by Aperbosa but the general condition of the water is changing regularly. Marium Ruedel asked if it were possible to get water conditions from Aperbosa as it was felt that there was a “a responsibility” as this is sold to us a drinking water. 7. It was also suggested that we find out exactly “who” regulates the water companies themselves. The good news is that Altea generally is one of the “better” areas in Marina Baixa for conserving water during the summer months with consumption down by 5% thanks to the publicity. Terry Miles pointed out that there were only a few Urbanisations in the area that were put on “Red Alert” and we were one of them. The Board will investigate this and report back to the Membership. 8. Fire Hazard. It is well known that we have a severe drought in this area. Due to the terrible destruction caused by the fires in Javea and Tarbena there has been an request for a full discussion on Fire Prevention rather than “Fire Service” It was suggested that the Installation of a Hydrant system would be a waste of time due to the lack of water and pressure needed to pump the millions of litres of water required during a large fire and that the cutting of fire breaks and legalised trimming of trees would be a better way forward. A meeting of all services would be held in December with the Valencian Government in order to find a “solution” to the very real fire threat in the area. Wolfgang reported that the Overhanging tree issue, reported by a member to the board, would be finalised but it was thought that it would be “Allowable” but the owners of the plots would still need permission from the Ayuntamiento (Urbano). . Item 5) Neighbourhood Watch. 1. The function continues to expand and operate and attention is drawn to the new email address: aeberhardtaltea@gmail.com 2. The NHW system is linked to Policia Local, Guardia Civil and other urbanisations locally and nationally. But NHW are not automatically informed by Policia Local or Guardia Civil about any break-ins as quite often it is part of an on-going Police enquiry. Members were requested to inform NHW immediately when they heard of any robberies or burglaries so that the information could be passed on through “The System”. 3. Our Urbanisation experienced 19 break-ins during the year, 12 more than last year. A group of 8 mixed nationality persons has been detained recently and are thought to be responsible for many of the Burglaries here. Item 6) Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer Richard Kent reported on income and expenditure in 2016 as: Income: Buzones € 5.410,00                    Capital expenditure Bank Interest €      13.96                    NIL Summer Party receipts €    500,00 Notebook sale €      50,00 TOTAL € 5,923.96 Current expenditure Gestor (Alcaraz) €    937,75 Green Containers subsidy €    180,00 Buzon/Road cleaning €    435,50 Buzon maintenance €    215.92 2015 AGM Assembly €    420,00 Summer Party 2104 € 2.955,00 (nett €2.455,00) Stationary supplies €      61.40 Rent returns and charges €    125.12 Misc. expenses €    149.75 TOTAL EXPENDITURE € 5,479.94 TOTAL INCOME      5,923.96 TOTAL EXPENDITURE 5,479.94 Increase in Cash Resource  (Income minus Expenditure)          444.02 BANK ACCOUNT SUMMARY: Balance plus cash in hand as at 30th Sept. 2015 € 1,845.21 Minus expenditure over for the year: €    444.02 Book total:       € 2,289.23 CURRENT BANK ACCOUNT: €  2,119.38 Cash in hand: €     170.00 Money total: €  2,289.38 Deposit Bank account: € 23.000,00 Questions invited from Members produced. 1. Toni Canet raised a point of pressuring the Local Police Services as we were indeed Tax Payers and this was part of our Suma Contributions. It was agreed that there was a need to make sure that this area was covered sufficiently as during the Summer months the “Patrols” by the Guardia Civil and the Policia Local had “decreased”. Their resources are limited and extra services had been laid on in the area with the Fire Problems in Javea – so all of the Local Services have been stretched. We have a good relationship with the Local Police Services now with the NHW and to pressure the police for more information, would endanger this good relationship – but we as a board “discuss and pressure “wherever and however possible. New Signs and “stickers “ for NHW are being prepared and will be put up at appropriate positions and will be available to the membership when ready.. 2. Mariam Ruedels point on water cleanliness will be looked at and reported back to the membership Item 8) Appointment of Directors. Proposals for the new Vecinos’ Board of Directors were proposed and unanimously approved by the Members present. These are; Directors: President Wolfgang Fischer (D) Vice President Antonio Perez Albiña (ES) Secretary Matthew King (GB) Treasurer Richard Kent (GB) NHW coordinator Annette Eberhardt (D) Web Coordinator Terry Miles (GB) Vocal Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa (ES) Vocal Willem Van Oorde (NL) Vocal Emil Apledoorn (NL) Vocal Sonata Lungmuss (D) Vocal John Shimell (GB) There being no other business the President thanked the members for attending and closed the meeting 8.37pm. There followed refreshments and drinks at the restaurant for the members attending. President. Wolfgang Fischer …………………………………………….. Secretary. Matt King ……………………………………………. MJK 17/11/2016