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2014 AGM Minutes

ASOCIACIÓN DE VECINOS - SIERRA DE ALTEA  C.I.F. G53784336 _______________________________________ Buzon 155 Sierra De Altea 03599 Altea La Vella Alicante. Spain www.avsa.tigbos.com                                       email: jasvecinos@hotmail.com Minutes of Annual General Meeting  at Don Cayo Thursday 27 November 2014. The Meeting took place at the Don Cayo Golf Club at 7.30 pm. attended by the Directors of the Board of the Asociación: Wolfgang Fischer (President), Richard Kent (Treasurer), John Shimell, Antonio Perez Albiña, Terry Miles and James Standen (Secretary). Directors Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa, Paco Borja and June Glaum were unable to attend the meeting. Item 1) Welcome and introduction by the President The President, Wolfgang Fischer, welcomed the Association members attending and guests from adjoining urbanisations: Tony Muller Representative Urlisa I & II, Jose Maria Izquierdo Secretary Urlisa I & II, Eric Paulsen Secretary Sierra Altea II, Malcolm White President Altea Nova. Members of the Asociación attending the meeting: Justa & Domingo Lopez Moradiellos, Jacqui Standen, Sue & Bob Newman, Ans de Geus, Suzy & Geoff Dinsley, Annette Eberhardt, Dagmar & Mike Edwards, Elizabeth Kent, Marilyn Miles, Valerie & Jon Rud, Marium Ruedel, Cindy Stadman, Evert van de Wal, Mary & Sue Shimell, Gay Eaton, Christa Guelbau, Lind & Erwin Schafer, Willem Van Oorde, Ronald Vreyson, Irene & Egbert Gieskes, Emil Apeldoorne, Jurgen Langer, Roswitha Sonnensprenger-Langer, Milly & Bert Hoogesteger, The meeting was conducted in English and some Spanish. Item 2) Approval of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 28 November 2013 were approved unanimously and signed by the President and Secretary. Item 3) Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer Richard Kent reported that in 2014, Income totalled - €7.550.36 Expenditure totalled - €6,123.65 Cash increased by - €1,426.71 Bank Current account - € 1,906.47 Bank Deposit account - €23,000.00 The detailed breakdown of expenditure was shown on the Treasurer's Report to the meeting. The accounts were audited and approved by independent consultant Mr. Jurgen Langer prior to the meeting. Item 4) Secretary's Report on Membership. The Secretary James Standen reported the Asociación has now 273 registered members. Membership at last years AGM totalled 258 members. Membership is free and new members are welcome. The members present were asked to encourage non-member friends and neighbours who own property in the urbanisation to enrol in the Association and to advise the Committee of any known changes in ownership of dwellings. Item 5) President's Report on activities during the past year The President used a Power Point presentation to highlight the current and future issues concerning the Asociación. Activities in the year were. 1. Regular meetings (8-10 times a year) with Vecinos Board and 3-4 times a year with representatives of Altea community to discuss problems of our urbanisation. 2. Renewal of a number of road signs in the urbanisation. 3. Monitoring of street cleaning. The Ayuntamiento have provided a new road sweeper. 4. Replacement of broken basura bins. 5. Website updates now include details of 'Altea Activities.' 6. Visit by Committee member to new Policia Locale offices in Altea. 7. Request for Spanish course for foreigners accepted and held at Casa Cultura on Thursdays           10:00 - 13:00pm. 8. A successful annual dinner party was held at Don Cayo Golf attended by 77 Members and 10 Guests. Another event is intended for 2015 but expenditure will be limited. 9. Invitation cards available to Members for free tapas and drink per person with meal at Don Cayo. 10. Spare buzones are available with price for 2015 fixed at €20. 11. Activation of security cameras in the urbanisations with 30 day storage. 12. Subsidy for 'Green Waste' container of €30 for each property. Item 6) Planning for 2015 1. Repair of damaged roads will continue in 2015 with costs from Ayuntamiento budget of €200,000 for all the urbanisations. 2. Provision of an integrated water supply to this and the other urbanisations is being organised by the Ayuntamiento. 3. An alternative company for management and supply of street lighting is in negotiation with Ayuntamiento. Changing all bulbs to LED operation is also proposed. 4. The subsidised 'Green Waste' initiative will continue in 2015. Item 7) Neighbourhood Watch The function continues to expand although the Committee now require a committed Neighbourhood Watch representative for this function. Item 8) Questions and future issues. 1. Complaint of missing lid and overfilling to basura bins. 2. Complaint on condition of urbanisation roads. 3. Check legality of sign at junction Avda Principal and CV-755. 4. Clean front access doors of individual buzones. 5. Police presence in the urbanisation has noticably improved. The above items will be actioned at next Committee meeting. Item 9) Appointment of Directors. Proposals for the new Vecinos’ Board of Directors were proposed and unanimously approved by the Members present. These are; Directors: President Wolfgang Fischer (D) Vice President Antonio Perez Albiña (ES) Vice President John Shimell (GB) Secretary James Standen (GB) Treasurer Richard Kent (GB) Web Coordinator Terry Miles (GB) Vocal Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa (ES) Vocal Willem Van Oorde (NL) Vocal Matt King (GB) Vocal Emil Apledoorn (NL) The President closed the meeting 8.30pm. There followed refreshments and drinks at the restaurant for the members attending. President. Wolfgang Fischer …………………………………………….. Secretary. James Standen ……………………………………………. JAS/02/12/2014