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2013 AGM Minutes

Asociación Vecinos- Sierra de Altea Annual General Meeting 28th November 2013 ASOCIACIÓN DE VECINOS - SIERRA DE ALTEA C.I.F. G53784336 Buzon 155 Sierra De Altea 03599 Altea La Vella Alicante. Spain email: jasvecinos@hotmail.com www.avsa.tigbos.com Minutes of Annual General Meeting at Don Cayo 28 November 2013 The Meeting took place at the Don Cayo Golf Club, and started at 7.30 pm. and was attended by the Directors of the Board of the Asociación: Wolfgang Fischer, Mike Edwards, Richard Kent, Mariam Rudel, Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa, John Shimell (Acting) and James Standen (Acting), Directors Antonio Perez Albiña, Paco Borja and Matt King were unable to attend the meeting. 28 Members of the Asociación (excl. the 7 Directors above) attended the meeting: Suzanne Dinsley, Geoffrey Dinsley, Mary Dodds, Dagmar Edwards, Irene Gieskes, Egbert Gieskes, June Glaum, Jim Glaum, Francisco Gomis Devesa, Jan Heemskirk, Elizabeth Kent, Jurgen Langer, Roy McGillivray, Terry Miles, Marilyn Miles, Steve Moores, Justa Lopez Moradiellos, Antonio Moradiellos, Susan Newman, Robert Newman, Thomas Seiberth, Sue Shimmel, Rene Siffer, Marie- Anne Matthys, Roswitha Sonnensperger-Langer, Cindy Stadman, Jacqui Standen, Willem VanOorde. Item 1) Welcome and introduction by the President The President, Wolfgang Fischer, welcomed those attending and introduced the Directors and co- opted Directors, who had worked throughout the past year. He noted that 2012/2103 had been an active year for the Asociación. The meeting was conducted in English and some Spanish. Item 2) Approval of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 30th November 2012 were approved unanimously by all present and were signed by the President and Secretary. Item 3) Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer Richard Kent reported on the current financial situation. Income totalled €4,116.80 with expenditure of €9,885.54 leaving a decrease in cash resources of €5,768.74. The detailed breakdown of expenditure is shown on the Treasures Report to the meeting. Principal expenditure of €3,653.74 was on refurbishing the buzones, the actual cost of refurbishment being cheaper than the €6,000 limit agreed at the last AGM. The current bank account value is €6,476.60 with €15 cash in hand and €17,000.00 in the bank deposit account. The account has a credit of €102 that cannot be reconciled. The accounts were audited and approved by an independent consultant Mr. J. Langer prior to the meeting. Item 4) Secretary's Report on Membership and Website Secretary (Acting) James Standen reported that the Asociación has now 258 registered members, representing an increase over last year’s number of 230 members. Membership is free and new members are welcome. The members present were asked to speak to friends and neighbours who are non-members living in the urbanisation to enrol in the Association. Item 5) President's Report on activities during the past year The President used a Power Point presentation to highlight the current and future issues concerning the Asociación. Priorities during the year were. · Refurbishment of Buzones agreed at last years AGM. · Road cleaning and replacing broken waste containers. · Neighbourhood Watch activities. · Minor Issues. Road cleaning. Confirming that Avda. Principal is cleaned monthly and the minor roads cleaned every three months. Waste containers are changed as necessary Minor Issues Meetings are held with the Ayuntamiento to improve the environment of the urbanisation and resolve any outstanding Instancias and differences. Since November last year the Association has submitted; · 9 Instancias with one Instancia remaining to be resolved. · Attended 9 meetings with Ayuntamiento and others. · Sent 8 NHW Alerts. · Clearing of rubbish in Calle Rosa to prevent future flooding. The Directors meet every month, except July and August to discuss local issues and agree action. Social Events. The Asociación held a successful dinner and dance evening with 80 Members and 15 guests attending the event. Catering was provided by the Don Cayo Golf Club restaurant and with live music. Neighbourhood Watch Was presented by Mike Edwards. He told the meeting NHW continues to operate and expand and covers 8 Urbanisations. Crime in the last year is 70% lower than the previous year and reflects the good relations with both the Guardia Civil and the Policia Local. Mike Edwards is retiring from the Association after 6 years and June Glaum, assisted by Jim Glaum, will perform this role. Item 7) Questions and future issues 1. Flooding of Junction of Calle Bernia and Puerta De Hierro. To be examined and resolved. 2. Monthly cleaning. Ayuntamiento to be reminded of agreed cleaning intervals. 3. Dagmar Edwards advised the meeting that Ayuntamiento have devolved responsibility for our area to Councillor Marga Riera. 4. Cindy Stadman raised the issue of flooding to Hierro and the impact on Member property. This matter is already in hand for discussion and action with Ayuntamiento. 5. Signage at corner CV 755 (road to Callosa) and Avda. Principal. This is the subject of an appeal by the Owner against the action proposed by the Ayuntamiento and until resolved no action can be taken to remove the sign. 6. Resolve the 43 Buzones not paid for with Association Gestor. Item 8) Appointment of Directors The President proposed the following nominations for the 2014 Board of Directors: President Wolfgang Fischer Secretary James Standen Treasurer Richard Kent Web Coordinator Terry Miles Vocal Francisco Javier Gomis Devesa Vocal Juan Francisco Borja Borja Vocal Antonio Perez Albiña Vocal June Glaum Vocal John Shimell The Proposals for the new Vecinos’ Board of Directors were unanimously approved and accepted by the Members present. The President closed the meeting 8.40 pm. There followed refreshments and drinks at the restaurant for the members attending. President. Wolfgang Fischer …………………………………………….. Secretary. James Standen ……………………………………………. Date. …………………………………………….