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2012 AGM Minutes

Asociación Vecinos- Sierra de Altea  Annual General Meeting      30th November 2012 The Meeting took place at the Don Cayo Golf Club, and started at 7.30 pm. It was attended by the following Directors of the Board of the Asociación: Mike Edwards, Frans Mannot, Richard Kent, Mariam Rude, Matt King, James Standen ( Acting), John Shimell (Acting), and Wolfgang Fischer (Acting) Directors Jerry Gomis,and  Paco Borja were unable to attend the meeting. The following 47 Members of the Asociación attended: Bill Ashburner, Jean Ashburner, Cindy Castillo Stadman. Malcolm Cousins, Kate Cousins, Ans de Geus, Geoffrey Dinsley, Suzanne Dinsley, Lisa Eberhadt, Mike Edwards, Dagmar Edwards, Wolfgang Fischer, Annette Fischer, Klaus Fischer, Maria Alberta Garcia Diaz, Irene Gieskes, Egbert Gieskes, June Glaum, James Glaum, Jan Heemskerk, Filip Jacobs, Richard Kent, Elizabeth Kent, Mathew King, Jurgen Langer,Frans Mannot,Steve Moores, Doreen Moores, Domingo Moradiellos Fernandel, Justa Moradiellos Fernandel, Susan Newman, Robert Newman, Jacobus Pallandt, Wilhemina Pallandt, Antontio Perez Albinana, David Rollinson, Gail Rollinson, Jon Rud, Valerie Rud, Walter Rüdel, Mariam Rüdel, Susan Shimell, John Shimell, James Standen, Jacqui Standen, Ying Suter, and Ian Suter.  Item 1) Welcome and introduction by the President   The President, Mike Edwards, welcomed those attending and introduced the Directors and co- opted Directors, who had worked throughout the past year. He noted that 2011/12 had been an active year for the Asociación. The meeting was conducted in English and Spanish. Item 2) Approval of Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 24th November 2011 were approved unanimously by all present, without modification, and were signed by the President and Secretary. Item 3) Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer reported on the current financial situation. Income for the period 1 October 2011 to 30 September 2012, amounted to €6,099.71, and expenditure totalled € 4,484.16. The balance in the Asociación’s current account was € 2,546.02. A further €25.000 is held as a reserve (€20.000 in a Sabadell deposit account and €5.000 in Banco Sabadell Bonds). The accounts were audited and approved by an independent consultant (Mr. J. Langer) prior to the meeting. The accounts were unanimously approved by the meeting. Ian Suter congratulated the Asociación on the amount of interest gained on deposits. Item 4) Secretary's Report on Membership and Website The President, on behalf of James Standen, (Acting Membership Secretary), reported that the Asociación has now 233 registered members, representing a significant increase over last year. This was largely due to the success of the Summer Fiesta. We are now the largest Asociación de Vecinos in Altea, and possibly the most active. Membership is free, and we welcome new members. The President also asked members to assist us by letting us know if there is a change in a Member’s e-mail, telephone number or post box address, so that we can keep Members informed.  He reminded Members that their partner can also be a Member. Item 5) President's Report on activities during the past year The President used a Power Point presentation to highlight the current and future issues concerning the Asociación.   Priorities during the year were:-   1.    Renovation of the Av. Principal.  Discussions were held with the Counsellor responsible for the proposal. The Asociación submitted a list of defects requiring rectification. Onsite meetings were held with the contractors.  Written submissions were made regarding resurfacing of the road.   2.    Road cleaning and the Refuse Contract. Following extensive discussions with Altea Counsellors we now have our roads cleaned by the Ayuntamiento. The Green Container Initiative, (October to March), will be continued. We are also asking for a container for green waste by the Golf club.   3.    Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch continues to operate and expand. We now have good relations with both the Guardia Civil and the Policia Local.   4.    Changes to the Planning Ordinances. The Asociación has pressed for changes to the Ordinances for the past 8 years. This has now resulted in changes which restrict over-development, and introduce restrictions on working hours, during the Summer months. We are assisting the Ayuntamiento to identify illegal signs, and pushing for their removal.   Other Activities: 1.    Minor repairs to the roads. 2.    Requesting repair or installation of Traffic Mirrors. 3.    Resolving problems with rubbish. 4.    Discussions with the Ayuntamiento on Fire risks. 5.    Requesting Speed Humps. 6.    Liaison on Flooding & Landslides.   During the year, the Directors have submitted 8 Instancias, written 2 letters, and attended 9 meetings.   The President explained that the Directors are looking at improvements at the Post Boxes, which include a new notice board, repainting and new signs. Detailed estimates for the work are not yet available, but the meeting approved expenditure up to 6000 €. Ying Suter offered to assist with painting of the post-boxes.   The Directors have met every month, except August, to discuss local issues, and agree action.   Social Events: The Asociación held a very successful evening of music and dancing, with catering by the Don Cayo Golf Club restaurant. Music was provided by Matt King. 80 Members and guests attended. Members indicated that they would like to repeat the same format next year.   Finally, the President referred to the Asociación’s new web site. Member, Terry Miles was thanked for his work on the site, which was carried out at no cost to the Asociación. It was proposed, and agreed, to send a letter of thanks to Terry Miles for setting up website.       Item 7) Questions and future issues Cindy Stadman: could the Ayuntamiento remove household rubbish left on streets? Answer: there is an Ayuntaminto phone number and all will be removed if requested. The number will be circulated to all Members. Steeve More ( Social Secretary at the Golf Club) said that  the  restaurant at the Golf Club is open to the general public, not just Members of the Club, and that from the Spring 2013, it will be open in the evenings.  Jon Rud asked if the Vecinos could send a letter to Iberdrola , asking about the many electricity cuts during rainy and windy days. This was agreed. Irene Gieskes referred to the many streetlights which are not working. This will be taken up with the Ayuntamiento.   Item 8) Appointment of Directors The President proposed the following nominations for the 2012/2013 Board of Directors:   Presidente           Wolfgang Fischer Vice-Presidente   Mike Edwards Secretario            Mariam Rüdel Tresorero             Richard Kent Secretario Socios James Standen Vocal                    Francisco Javier Gomis  Vocal                    Juan Francisco Borja Borja Vocal                    Matt King Vocal                    John Shimell   The Proposals for the new Vecinos’ Board were unanimously accepted. Item 8) The President closed the meeting.   The retiring President handed over the meeting to the newly appointed President, Wolfgang Fischer, who thanked last year’s Board for their work, and particularly Frans Mannot, who retired as Secretary. Members were thanked for attending the meeting. The meeting closed at 8.30 pm. and was followed by refreshments and drinks at the restaurant, for all attending.  13.12.12. JME.