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2011 AGM Minutes

Asociación Vecinos- Sierra de Altea Annual General Meeting 24th november 2011 The Meeting took place at the Don Cayo Golf Club, and started at 6.30 pm. It was attended by the following Directors of the Board of the Asociación : Mike Edwards (President), Richard Kent, Mariam Rudel, Jerry Gomis, Paco Borja and Frans Mannot. The following Members of the Asociación attended : Edwards, Dagmar : Gieskes, Egbert: Gieskes, Irene : Kent, Elizabeth : Moradiellos, Domingo : Moradiellos, Justa Lopez : Ripoll Sendra, Clara : Telfer, Wendy : Telfer, Ian : Eberhardt, Anneke: Miles, Terry: Miles, Marilyn: Van Oorde, Pim: Moores, Steve: Stadman, Cindy: Schimell, Sue: Schimell, John : Urquhart, Ronald: Urquhart, Dorothy: Rudel, Walther: Langer, Jurgen : Langer, Roswitha: King, Mathew :King, Michelle Jane: Lipsius, Cor : Lipsius, Antonia : Newman, Robert : Newman, Susan : Riegel, Elena : Rollinson, David : Rud, Jon : Rud, Valerie : Vreysen, Ronald : Groenewold : Paulsen, Erik : Ridsdale, Peter The following Associate-members attended : Renée an Erik Meieran At tapa's dinner also Dinsley, Suzanne : Dinsley, Geoffrey were present: 42 Members attended, including the Directors. In addition, 2 associate-member attended. Item 1) Welcome and introduction by the President The President , MikeEdwards, welcomed those attending and thanked the Members and Associate members for their interest and support. He introduced all Directors of the Board by name and function. He noted that 2010 was an active year, in which the Asociación continued its approach to undertake initiatives to keep our area and roads clean (in response to the Ayuntamiento's inability to do so, due to lack of funds). This was achieved by assigning a relatively small portion of the Vecinos income towards small maintenance work. Furthermore progress was made to the objection to the “grouping of parcelas”, which the Asociación hopes, will eventually result in halting overdevelopment. The meeting was conducted in English and Spanish. Item 2) Approval of Minutes of last Annual General Meeting The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 26th November 2010 were approved unanimously by all present, without modification, and were signed by the President and Secretary. Item 3) Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer reported on the current financial situation. Income for the period 1 October 2010 to 30 September 2011, amounted to €7,986.79, and expenditure totalled € 3.965,30. The balance in the Asociación’s current account was €2,475.02. A further €25.000 is held as a reserve ( €20.000 in a deposit account and €5.000 in Valencia Government Bonds). The accounts were audited and approved by an independent consultant (Mr. J. Langer) prior to the meeting and unanimously approved by the meeting. Item 4) Secretary's Report on Membership and Website The Secretary reported that the Asociación has now 204 registered members, representing a small increase over last year. Although we are the largest Asociación de Vecinos in the Altea region (and probably the most active), he asked attendants to assist to further increase the number of members by encouraging their spouses/partners to become members and also to mention the free membership benefits to new arrivals in their neighbourhood. The Secretary also reported a notable increase in visits (hits) to our Asociación’s Website (550 visits during 2011). However due to the increased workload to keep the Website and Membership Data-base up to date, he asked members with computer skills to come forward to give the Vecinos a helping hand. Mr. Terrance Miles and Mrs.Clara Ripoll Sendra offered kindly to assist. Item 5) President's Report on activities during the past year. The President used a Power Point presentation to highlight the current and future issues concerning the Asociación. Priorities during the year: 1. The May Municipal Elections and meeting the new Counsellors 2. Renovation of the Av. Principal 3. Road cleaning and the Refuse Contract 4. Neighbourhood Watch 5. Changes to the Planning Ordinances, stopping over development and reducing noise Acivities: 1. Submitted 7 Instancias. 2. Written 2 letters. 3. Attended 10 meetings. 4. The Directors meet every month, except July and August, to discuss local issues, 5. and agree action. Highlights: A. The May Municipal Elections and meeting the new Counsellors. Pre election meetings with all the Political Parties, to discuss issues in the Sierra. Meetings after the Elections with the Partido Popular, and specific Counsellors. Other problems and issues were raised again with the Ayuntamiento B. Renovation of the Avenida Principal. Discussions with the Counsellor responsible about the proposal. Submission of a list of defects requiring rectification. Onsite meetings with the contractors. Written submissions regarding resurfacing of the road. Ongoing discussion on several unresolved issues. C. Road cleaning and the Refuse Contract. Discussions held with the Ayuntamiento on the cleaning and refuse contract, but still no progress. The Green Container Initiative, November to March, will be continued. We are also asking for a container for green waste by the Golf club. D. Neighbourhood Watch. Installation of CCTV Cameras. Meeting with Vecinos Cooperando España. Extending contact list to Calpe, Moraira,and Jalon. E. Planning & Construction. The Asociación has pressed for changes to the Ordinances for the past 8 years. This has now resulted in changes which restrict over-development, and introduce restrictions on working hours, during the Summer months. We are assisting the Ayuntamiento to identify illegal signs, and pushing for their removal. Item 6) Social events We have a social role and each year organise a Summer Fiesta. The Paella Party was very successful this year. Next year we may have an evening event with music. Item 7) Questions and future issues Some questions were asked as who to phone in order to have old household items or dumped refuse removed. The Altea Ayuntamiento will collect such items (phone number 965841566). Illegal dumping should be reported to the police, preferably documented by providing details such as car registration number and photographs. Excessive noise and environmental abuse should be reported to Seprona or the Guardia Civil. A question was raised as to which signs are legal and which are not. In principle all signs without a Permit from the Ayuntamiento are illegal. Illegal signs should be reported to the Ayuntamiento and they will proceed to remove these. The ones on public land can be removed by them at once, however those on private property can only be removed by giving notice and if no action is taken by the owner, will be followed up by legal action. On overhanging trees, it was pointed out that the removal of overhanging trees/branches from gardens which form obstructions and or safety hazards are the responsibility of owners. It was suggested that the Asociación should issue membership cards to registered members, which would allow members to obtain discounts for goods and services. As such an action could also be beneficial to increase membership numbers, the Directors will seriously consider this issue. It was suggested that the Asociación acquires (rents or buys) the existing commercial sign, at the entrance of our urbanisation, to display a large welcome sign with the name Sierra de Altea 1,2 and Golf. As this suggestion was met with considerable approval by members present, it will be explored in greater depth by the Board. Item 8) Appointment of Directors The President proposed the following nominations for the 2011/2012 Board of Directors: President Mike Edwards Re-elected Secretary Frans Mannot Re-elected Treasurer Richard Kent Re-elected Vocal Mariam Rudel Re-elected Vocal Francisco Javier Gomis Elected Vocal Juan Francisco Borja Borja Elected Any further nominations were then invited from the Members. One member, Mathew King, came forward to offer a helping hand if required. The President’s nominations were then put to the vote. The result, by a show of hands, was all in favour. Item 8) The President closed the meeting. The meeting closed at 7.45 pm. and was followed by refreshments and snacks at the restaurant for all attending. 14th January 2012 F.Mannot - Secretary Asociación de Vecinos de la Sierra de Altea