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2010 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting 25th november 2010 The Meeting took place at the Don Cayo Golf Club, and started at 6.30 pm. It was attended by the following Directors of the Board of the Asociación : Jon Rud (President), Mike Edwards, Richard Kent, Mariam Rudel and Frans Mannot. The following Members of the Asociación attended :  Dinsley, Suzanne : Dinsley, Geoffrey:Edwards, Dagmar : Ferrer Calbo, Rosa Laura: Garcia Diaz, Maria Alberta: Gieskes, Egbert: Gieskes, Irene : Kent, Elizabeth: Moradiellos, Domingo : Moradiellos, Justa Lopez: Ripoll Sendra, Clara : Francisco Javier Gomis: Telfer, Wendy : Telfer, Ian : Eberhardt, Anneke: Miles, Terry: Miles, Marilyn: Van Oorde, Pim: Fromont, Annie: Fromont, Maria: Moores, Steve: Ornee, Truus: Kerner, Erwin: Kerner, Anna Maria : Mahaux, Georges: Stadman, Cindy: Schimell, Sue: Ferrer, Paco: Borja Borja, Juan Francisco: Urquhart, Ronald: Urquhart, Dorothy: Van Den Elzen, Andre: Van Den Elzen, Els: Rudel, Walther: Langer, Roswitha. The following Associate-members attended : Hilgens, Kees. 41 Members attended, including the Directors. In addition, 1 associate-member attended. Item 1) Welcome and introduction by the President The President , Jon Rud, welcomed those attending and thanked the Members and Associate members for their interest and support. He noted that 2010 was an interesting year, in which the Asociacion (in response to the Ayuntamiento’s apparent lack of interest in the well-being of our urbanisation) started a new approach of undertaking initiatives to keep our area and roads clean. This could be achieved by making use of a relatively small portion of the Vecinos annual income. Furthermore progress was made to the objection to the “grouping”, which will eventually result in halting over development. The meeting was conducted in English and Spanish. Item 2) Approval of Minutes of last Annual General Meeting The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of 26th November 2009 were approved unanimously, without modification, and were signed by the President and Secretary. Item 3) Treasurer’s Report The Treasurer reported on the current financial situation. Income for the period 1 October 2009 to 30 September 2010, amounted to €7,006.31, and expenditure totalled € 4,496.44. The balance in the Asociación’s current account was €2,024.01. A further €21,500 is held as a reserve, in 2 deposit accounts. The accounts were inspected and approved by an independent consultant (Mr. J. Langer) prior to the meeting and unanimously approved by the meeting. Item 4) Secretary’s Report on Membership The Vice President reported on the Membership over the past year. The Asociación now has 202 registered members. He asked attendants to further increase the number of members by encouraging their spouses/partners also to subscribe as members. All present were asked to inform new arrivals in our urbanisation about the presence of our Asociación and the benefits of membership. Item 5) President’s Report on activities during the past year Priorities during the year:  The President used a Power Point presentation to set out the current and future issues concerning the Asociación. · Renovation of the Av. Principal. · The new Refuse Contract. · Neighbourhood Watch. Other problems and issues raised with the Ayuntamiento  · Flooding in Calle Rosa. · Rubbish at the Golf Club. · Dumping in the Barancos. · Emergency fire procedures. · Illegal Office in Av. Principal. · Illegal signs in Av. Principal. Successes during the year · Changes to the Planning Ordinances, stopping over development. · The Container subsidy. · Cleaning Av. Principal & Bernia. · Minor road repairs. · The Summer Party · Updating of our new web site · http://sites.google.com/site/vecinossierradealtea  · Links to Neighbourhood Watch The President referred to the following ongoing issues : Community issues · Improving and extending Neighbourhood Watch · Developing a network of Associations · Increasing Membership · Further improving our web site · Infrastructure Issues: o Repair and maintenance of roads o Street cleaning and rubbish collection o Construction noise and traffic calming Road Safety issues · Flooding in Calle Rosa · Cleaning of Calle principal, Calle Egret and calle Bernia · Road repairs requirements · Street mirrors · Security Camera´s · Speed reduction possibilities on main roads Environmental Issues · Protection of the Green Zones · Halting illegal dumping · Reduction of construction noise · Removal of illegal signs Planning Issues · Objection to the “grouping” of parcelas · Opposing over development · Entidad Local Menor Political Issues · Improving communications with the Ayuntamiento · Pressing for more open government. · Clarifying responsibility for infrastructure. In conclusion the President quantified the work undertaken by the Directors. He noted that the efforts of the Vecinos Board implied by the large amount of meetings, instancias and letters did not match the often disappointing and limited response from the Ayuntamiento. He also highlighted the difficult position of the Ayuntamiento to negotiate a long term cleaning contract for Altea and the urbanizations against the background of the 34 million Euro debt to contractors, inherited from the previous Administration. He further mentioned a new project of Urbanismo to improve the entire length of the Avenida Principal from Altea la Vella through to Altea Hills. This proposal, described in a voluminous document with detailed photographs and technical drawings, was shown to Vecinos Management on several occasions during 2009 and 2010. The work will probably be funded by the Valencia Region during 2010/2011. Item 6) Questions and future issues The following questions from members in the audience were discussed: · Q.Has the Asociación and their members any say in how the money from Valencia and or Madrid is being spent on present projects? A. The budget has been assigned on the basis of detailed plans issued by the Ayuntamiento, and as a result it will be difficult to change the applied funds to other projects. · Q.Could we spend more Vecinos´money on projects to keep our urbanisation clean and beautiful? And which projects have high priorities? A. Yes the Vecinos Board are continuously considering small projects during their monthly meetings. At present the level of expenditure on small projects is planned at around 5000,- Euros annually. Small projects considered are regular cleaning of main roads, improvement of safety on our roads (adding street mirrors, acquiring roadhumps, removing of disturbing signs and improvement of security. · Q.Could the Asociación urge property owners to remove dead trees and brushes which are a safety and fire hazard in Calle Rosa and Calle Canna? A. Yes we have contacted the owners with good results and are continuously looking at potential removal of safety hazards. · Q.Could the Asociación do something about stones that are falling on the road from rock faces in Calle las Brisas. A. Yes we will first inform the Ayuntamiento and if no action is taken we will pay a contractor to do the work. · Q.What are the views of the Vecinos concerning the proposals for an Entidad Local Menor? A. The Vecinos will discuss this issue at their meetings and will contact authorities on more details on the financial consequences of such a proposal. We will inform our members of our findings, when more facts become available on advantages (benefits) and disadvantages of the ELM. · Q.How many properties are covered by the Asociación Vecinos Sierra de Altea I and Golf? A. At present we estimate that there are around 700 properties, but further, more detailed analysis will be carried out on this subject. Item 7) Appointment of New Directors The President regretted to have to inform the members, that due to personal circumstances and work abroad he had decided to step down as President as from 1 st  of December 2010. He proposed the following nominations and re-nominations for the 2010/2011 Board of Directors: President- Mike Edwards Elected Treasurer-Richard Kent Re-elected Secretary-Frans Mannot Re-elected Vocal-Mariam Rüdel Re-Elected Any further nominations were then invited from the Members, to which there were 2 favourable responses: Messrs. Francisco Javier Gomez and Juan Francisco Borja Borja offered their services to the Board of the Asociación. The nominations were then put to the vote. The result, by a show of hands, was all in favour. Item 8) The President closed the meeting. The new President Michael Edwards thanked Jon Rud for his 2 years of dedicated services as President of the Asociación, as well as Marilyn Miles for her work on the Memberships data base. He furthermore thanked the Members and Associate-members for attending the AGM. The meeting closed at 7.45 pm. and was followed by refreshments and snacks at the restaurant for all attending. 1st December 2010 F.Mannot - Secretary Asociación de Vecinos de la Sierra de Altea